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                      Together with our Customers

                      The world is at a crossroads. We see a?growing global sense of urgency about?challenges such as climate change, water?scarcity, food security and public health.?But we also have unprecedented means?at our disposal to meet these challenges.

                      Digital technology is delivering insights?
                      that were previously unavailable and driving?demand for smart, sustainable solutions.?As the will to do better grows, so does?Ecolab’s ability to accelerate positive change?for our customers. We help companies in a?wide range of industries deliver clean water,?safe food, abundant energy and healthy?environments, sustainably.

                      Now is the time to make a difference.?
                      Together, we drive the progress the?world needs.

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                      2018 Sustainability Report Sections

                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report ADM facility image
                      Driving customer impact
                      Sustainability goals advance business gains
                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report environmental stewardship outdoors
                      impact Through Stewardship
                      Partnerships for positive change
                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report Ecolab operations Nalco Water University
                      How we lead
                      Building on our progress everywhere, every day
                      Doug Baker
                      A Letter from our Chairman and CEO

                      "We all must work together to make the most of this opportunity. If we seize it now, we can build an economy that offers sustainable growth for all without creating additional harm to our planet."


                      Our Impact

                      In 2018, we helped our customers:

                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report clean water pillar image
                      Clean Water

                      Conserve?more than?188 billion?gallons of water

                      Manage 1.1 trillion gallons (4.2 trillion liters) of process and potable water

                      Conserve drinking?water for more than 650 million?people

                      And we are working to help our customers save 300 billion gallons of water annually by 2030


                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report safe food pillar image
                      Safe Food

                      Safely produce?44%?of the global?milk supply

                      Safely produce?more than?25%?
                      of the world’s?processed food

                      Support clean?kitchens, serving?45 billion restaurant meals

                      And we work to?help customers?prevent more than?1 million?foodborne illnesses?each year


                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report full pillar image - abundant energy
                      Abundant Energy

                      Conserve?more than?19 trillion?BTUs

                      Reduce the water and energy footprint of 40% of the world’s petroleum production

                      Generate?more than?20%?of
                      the world’s?power

                      And we aim to?reduce CO2e by?10%?in
                      our own?operations?by 2020


                      2018 Corporate Sustainability Report healthy environments pillar image; linens
                      Healthy Environments

                      Clean more than 40 billion hands

                      Delight guests with more than
                      800 million clean hotel rooms

                      Clean 6 million hospital?and long-term care patient rooms

                      And we work to help hospitals reduce the risk of HAIs for as many as 10,000 people



                      Measuring Our Impact

                      Through our patented eROISM approach,?we measure the economic, operational?and environmental impact of our?solutions for our customers.



                      Sustainable Development Goals
                      Supporting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

                      Ecolab is committed to partnerships and programs that fulfill the?United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – in particular,?Goal 6, to ensure the availability and sustainable management of?water and sanitation for all.