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                      Ecosure food safety monitor
                      July 2019

                      The EcoSure?Food Safety Monitor?is a free monthly newsletter written by EcoSure Food Safety & Public Health experts. EcoSure is a division of Ecolab.

                      Hepatitis A

                      Hepatitis A is a contagious disease that attacks the liver. In foodservice, contamination of foods can occur from infected food handlers.

                      Prevent the spread of illness

                      ? Monitor employees for symptoms of Hep A, such as the yellowing of skin, diarrhea, fatigue and nausea

                      ??Exclude symptomatic employees

                      ??Encourage effective hand washing

                      ??Use gloves and/or utensils when handling food. Diligently practice excellent food safety practices

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                      Are resources available on Hepatitis A to share with my team?

                      Hepatitis A Fact Sheets
                      The Michigan Department of Health has Hepatitis A posters available in 5 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Spanish

                      2017 Food Code by State

                      The FDA has published the most recent Food Code Adoptions by state. IL, MS, NM and PA have adopted the 2017 Food Code. KS and WA are in the process of adopting the newest version of the Code.?

                      Be aware that states may adopt only parts of the Food Code. It is highly encouraged to dig into each specific Code to determine if there are unique differences.?

                      The 2017 Code specifies The Person In Charge shall be a certified Food Protection Manager

                      Food Recalls

                      A food recall is the removal of a product from the market because it may cause harm. A recall may be issued due to undeclared allergens, mislabeling, or possible contamination.

                      When affected by a recall: Identify and discard affected product. Clean and sanitize?affected food and non-food contact surfaces.

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